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Es Em

Posted by budge on December 16, 2006

today, i have every reason to celebrate!

today was an affirmation that doing good deeds indeed has its payback. i was at sm bacoor earlier in the day. i saw a movie with some friends. got out. found sm bacoor stuffy (plenty of peeps!) and so decided to go to moa (mall of asia) for some late christmas shopping.

at the parking lot of moa, i discovered that my wallet was not in its usual place — my backpocket! darn! i looked under the driver’s seat, the glove compartment and closed console between the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat. nada! called one of our staff at the house and told her to look for my wallet in my bedroom. nada! the things around me began to spin widly.

my friend insisted we went back to sm bacoor. told her everything’s lost so why bother. everything’s lost and i was not really keen on the idea that we can still recover everything. but she insisted. so back to sm bacoor we went!  

the trip back took us about an hour and a half due to the usual christmas rush and saturday coastal road traffic. i was silent all the way back. my whole christmas just slipped by right before my eyes. worst, the slightest road mishap meant i was liable since i was driving without a driver’s license.

got back to the moviehouse. the usher told my friend the cleaners had just finished cleaning the moviehouse and no wallet was reported found. she insisted on looking up the place where we sat earlier. a guard armed with a flashlight accompanied her. when she got to the place, lo and behold! there’s my black bally leather wallet lying on the floor, seemingly undisturbed and untouched. whew! thank you God, everything’s intact!

and thank you to the cleaners for not doing their job properly! hahaha.

i love shoemart!


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good eats #1: chicken, chicken

Posted by budge on December 14, 2006

if by chance, you find yourself in the vicinity of estrada-la salle, hungry and salivating for some things other than the usual fast-food fares, try chicken, chicken. the resto itself has no name but students from the nearby csb-angelo king have christened it ‘chicken, chicken’.


located just across 1081 estrada, chicken, chicken is straight to the bone, nothing-fancy, pay-as-you-order kind of place where people go to savor their home-cooked fried chix (breaded) and and their equally satisfying breaded pork-chop (the batter they used for the chix and porkchop is quite ingenious).


an order of fried chix or breaded pork chop with garlic rice will set you back sixty-seven bucks. but the serving is actually generous and is good for two. you can eat the fried chix or breaded pork chop as is. but the magic here is their dipping sauce. a thick brown concoction that one may mistook for oyster sauce, it is actually a sweet (with a trace of anise), tamarind tasting sauce that is one of a kind. you can use it for your dipping sauce as is or use it in variance with other condiments. what i do is i squeeze one whole calamansi in a ‘platito’ and discard the pips/seeds into a table napkin using my fork. then mutilate a ‘siling labuyo’ into the calamansi concentrate, again using my fork, mixing it well and discard the chili into the used table napkin. then finally, i pour a generous amount of the brown sauce into the calamansi-chili mixture and voila! i now have a dipping sauce for my breaded porkchop! just be sure that you eat their fried chix/breaded porkchop with garlic rice and not the plain regular one. 

and if by chance, you find out the secret ingredients for that magical brown sauce of theirs, don’t be such an ingrate. send me a copy. 🙂

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